Do you like notebooks? Then you’ll probably like these blogs and channels

I have had this blog for three/four days now and I am already so happy I got it. It was a good decision! It is always nice to share your interests with like-minded people, and the Internet is full of them.

For today, I wanted to write a sort of tribute or thank you post to some of the blogs and Youtube channels that inspired me to start this blog! They are all excellent, especially for those who like notebooks. Hopefully you fellow notebook-addicts will find them as interesting as I do. I think you will. ­čÖé

Let’s start with the channels.

Journaljoy is a channel on Youtube, dedicated to notebooks. She mainly reviews different brands and types of journals, and her reviews are always very detailed and honest. If you are thinking about buying a new notebook, and you want an honest, complete review of it first, I highly recommend checking her channel out.

John Sparegrave┬áis a recent find, but I am glad I did find it! The channel is, like journaljoy, a reviewing type of channel. The notebooks on this channel are usually rare, exquisite, often made out of leather and… Yeah. I am jealous. Hahaha. Anyway – I highly recommend it if you are looking for a review or just want to drool at all the wonderful notebooks.

TheJournalCeo is a channel that talks about, well, pretty much everything regarding notebooks. There are videos about notebooks, washi tape, journal prompts, stationary, and so on. If you want inspiration when it comes to journaling, and like to see new hauls etc, I highly recommend it!

I pretty much love all of these channels, haha. They all seem like very sweet people too! So yeah, again, you should check them out. ­čśë

Moving on – blogs!

The first blog I want to recommend is the queen of bullet journals (well, according to me) –┬áBoho Berry. Her blog is perfect for anyone who loves bullet journals, is in need of some inspiration, etc! In addition to her blog, she has a channel┬áwith the same name. She also blogs┬áabout handwriting (her handwriting is amazing!), general life advice, organizing, etc etc. Great stuff!

Scrively is a blog dedicated to everything when it comes to writing. Notebooks, inks, pens, other tools, books, and so on gets reviewed. The reviews are, like the rest of the channels/blogs I have mentioned, very honest and useful. Scrively has a channel too! Very good.

So, these are some of my favorite channels/blogs when it comes to notebooks right now. These are the places I go to when I am in need of a review, some inspiration, or if I just want to… well, look at notebooks. Haha. Hopefully you will find them as wonderful as I do! Do you have any blogs or channels that you would like to share? If so, feel free to leave a comment down below! I am always looking for new channels and blogs to follow. ­čÖé