Look at this gem! 

My new, gorgeous leather journal! It was handmade in Tuscany, with genuine leather and exquisite paper. It is medium sized, and its dimensions are 17x25cm – a perfect size according to me. Ahhh, I am so excited! Let me show you more. 

So, when I took it out of its package, it was wrapped in silk paper, as you can see on the picture to the left. I do not know, I just liked that detail, that the company who sent it gave the notebook some extra protection. Neat. 

Then, I unwrapped it and… Woah. The leather is so, so pretty. It is dark brown, but in a certain light, it glows in a rich, chocolate brown shade. Sometimes, there is even a hint of orange. Gorgeous! It also has some darker parts, and… Yeah. I just love it. Haha! It feels super smooth to the touch, too. 

And here are some pictures of the paper! I apologize for the bad photo quality – could not get the lighting right. Anyway! The paper is cream colored. It is a pretty thick and sturdy paper, but at the same time surprisingly smooth. Not as easy to write on as the paper in a Leuchtturm notebook for example, but smoother than I thought it would be. And the quality is amazing! I wanted to try it out, so I wrote the date I bought the notebook, and my initials. I used a Uni-Ball Fine Deluxe and I could hardly see any ghosting at all. And I am extremely picky when it comes to that, haha. I think the paper can handle fountain pens as well, but unfortunately I cannot try it. 

I am genuinely so happy right now. This notebook is truly something special, haha. I bought it from the Swedish brand Concess’site, if you want to check it out. It was quite expensive (as handmade leather notebooks often are) and I am not sure if they ship to places outside of Sweden, but still! Worth a look. 

Ahhh! Now, I just have to figure out what I will use it for… Haha. 😉 I hope you enjoyed this post! I know I was rambling a bit, but hey, I am excited haha. And I wanted to share this little beauty with you all. 🙂

If you want to know more about this notebook, please let me know! Oh, and I have a question! What is your opinion on leather notebooks? 🙂



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