How it all started

I have always loved notebooks. The first one I ever owned was a black pocket notebook, that I got from my grandparents on my tenth birthday. I was so happy. Wrote three incredibly cocky pages, and then I… stopped. I am not quite sure why. Still wanted to get another notebook though, haha!

I actually did not start journaling until two years ago, in 2015. It all began with a Moleskine. I had read some reviews, and I just had to get one. And, once I had one, I wanted to write. I did not know what though – it is always difficult to start. There is something about those blank pages that can be both exciting and daunting. But I really, really wanted to write. So, I did some journal prompts, made some to-do list, started writing daily entries and suddenly I was stuck. Haha! I think I finished that first notebook in one month. So I bought another. Then another. Aaand another… I have bought way too many notebooks, haha. Small, big, fancy, simple, branded and unbranded. Some gorgeous leather ones. I like them all.

I do not know, there is just something so… nice about notebooks. Empty, blank notebooks that are full of possibilities. Used ones that are full of memories. It is, well, nice.

I also feel like writing in a notebook is so beneficial for ones health, memory, and general well-being. To be able to write down everything,  anything you want… It is therapeutic, in a way. Calming. Especially if it is in a nice journal, haha!

For an outsider, it might seem a bit crazy. And yeah, okay, maybe it is. A bit. But everybody has got at least some kind of hobby, right?

So I will continue adding to my collection. Gotta catch ’em all, you know. 😉 Haha.

Bye, for now!



3 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. I beg to differ. I do share your feelings and impulse to buy new notebooks to write in but when I think about it, new notebooks might just be my downfall. It was your post which prompted my new post. You could head there if you like but my views might be a bit opposite to yours. Hope you were not offended.


    1. I read your post and found it very interesting! Not sure if I agree with it completely, but I see your points. I have had some similar experiences with expensive notebooks as well. But! They also bring me joy, both writing in them and buying them. Like all hobbies, collections and so on, it has (or can have) both positive and negative sides. Nothing is ever black or white!
      I hope I mode some sense. Again, interesting post. Sorry about my english btw – it is not my native language! Have a nice day/evening. 🙂

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      1. Well, thanks and I see your point too. As i said, I agree with you at times and cannot help buying apealing notebooks.
        Anyway, your English is not bad at all and it is not my first language either. A nice day to you too

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